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Gastric Band not only helped me to weight loss but also gave me confidence and happiness

Life before my band was limited. In that I wouldn't go swimming with my young children, I'd avoid social situations & my confidence at work had plummeted.

I was basically miserable & felt I could only find happiness with food. My overweight appearance & overeating were out of control.I never felt full & I always thinking of my next meal or snack.

I had 6 stone to lose before I hit 40 & my weight started to impact my health. My operation to get a gastric band was the best decision of my life & my families’ life.

1 year on I am 5st 1lb lighter but more importantly I'm a different person & my relationship with food has changed. It's as though I've learnt to eat correctly again, only eating when I'm hungry & knowing when I'm full to stop.

People have commented on the transformation not just of my weight loss but of my confidence & happiness.

My band has changed my life forever.