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Gastric Band

  • Jessica

    Prof Senapati performed my gastric band surgery in September 2017. The initial consultation was very informative and contact with his secretary to schedule the date for my surgery was an easy and pleasant experience. I did extensive research on several surgeons before choosing Prof. Sinapati and I was glad I did.

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  • Caroline

    Gastric Band not only helped me to weight loss but also gave me confidence and happiness Life before my band was limited. In that I wouldn't go swimming with my young children, I'd avoid social situations & my confidence at work had plummeted. I was basically miserable & felt I could only find happiness with food. My overweight appearance & overeating were out of control.I never felt full & I always thinking of my next meal or snack.

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  • Julie

    My husband, Martin John Johnson would like to relay his thanks to Prof Senapati. Before the surgery he was very depressed and had been put on anti depressants by our GP. My husband had a very large abdominal area and was unable to tie his shoes, walk for long distances or exercise. He had three heart attacks and suffered from atrial fibrillation.

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  • Jane

    Gastric banding improved my quality of life and confidence I had my gastric band fitted in April 2015 and have to say its the best thing I did. Due to having under active thyroid I had steadily gained weight for a number of years . I tried every diet but nothing worked. Having the band was a drastic last resort for me but felt like my only option, I am so glad i had it. I have lost 3 1/2 stones, my health has improved, and my confidence has grown. I feel so much better in every way!

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