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My life has changed so much now and it's all thanks to Prof Senapati and his teams

Sharon Hargreaves

This was my life pre surgery which was 30/07/16. I was topping the scales at 30 stones. I lived on my bed, totally reliant on everyone for food, bathing and toileting. I only left the house for hospital appointments. My doctors appointments were done over the phone. I honestly thought I was going to die on my bed. I'm now currently 15 stones. I've just re applied for my old job as a bus driver yesterday. I no longer feel or wish my life would come to an end, but now I'm embracing it. Grabbing life by the balls because I deserve to live and now I want to live. Good luck to you all, it's worth it in the end.

I can't begin to thank Prof Senapati and his team for the all their help and support through my operation and the aftercare I received. Thanks the Prof Senapati deciding to give me the most appropriate operation for me, I had a very quick recovery and no infections afterwards and the amazing fast time it took to see the results and benefit from the weight loss. My life has changed so much now and it's all thanks to Prof Senapati and his teams. I hope at some point I can pay it forward and help others who are starting to go through this process. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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