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Thank you for helping me change my life

I’ve been overweight since I was 9 yrs old. My weight crept up and up with each year that passed until in 2014 I was over 24 stone or 144.6kg. I had no quality of life I could barely get up and down a flight of stairs without becoming breathless. Buying clothes and underwear was a complete nightmare that I tried to avoid at all costs.

My health was starting to deteriorate badly I was asthmatic and suffering regular chest infections, I suffered with sleep aponea for over 10yrs. I had PCOS which was completely out of control, I had high blood pressure, cholesterol and I was pre diabetic, i suffered symptoms of hiatus hernia each day, additionally I was taking a concoction of medication including strong painkillers and anti inflammatories every day for arthritis above and below both knee caps.

Having tried every diet and fad under the sun, metformin and xenical tablets from my GP I decided the only way to get my weight off for good was bariatric surgery.

I researched every option available and decided on a gastric bypass, I visited Mr Senapathi at the BMI Alexandra in Cheadle and discussed the options, he recommended a mini bypass as that delivered better weight loss results and also suited my body better as I only have a small torso.

I had my surgery on 10 September 2016 and that was the moment my entire life changed in the months that followed I was extremely lucky to suffer no adverse affects of the surgery no infections no intolerances to food or drinks and the weight began to melt away.

I can eat and drink everything besides carbonated drinks and chewing gum. I have to be careful with fat and sugar intake due to dumping which luckily I’ve only suffered with twice, but my new awakening in life has been anything is ok in moderation and the surgery I’ve had moderates me. People ask me alot  isn’t the surgery a drastic move and a hardship to live with and I tell them it’s 100% easier to live with than the life I led before.

By January 2018 I’d reached my own target weight of 60kg and I have remained at that weight since. I’ve gone from a size 26 clothing to size 8. I’m treated differently by the public no more sneers or people shouting vile abuse at me when I’m sat at traffic lights, all of my health problems have gone away and I no longer receive treatment for any of the issues listed above. I’m a regular at the gym, I’ve taken up yoga which I love, my partner and I go to swimming & dancing classes together and we’ve recently purchased bikes to go bike riding at the local beaches. All things I wouldn’t have considered doing previously.

I cannot recommend the hospital and Mr Senapathi more highly for my treatment and aftercare to the end that I recently used BMI again to remove the loose skin on my tummy and breasts another fantastic job has been done and I’m recovering well.

Thank you for helping me change my life.

Vikki S