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Best decision I have ever made in my life

Operation date 13th September 2016

I met with my GP early July 2016. I was feeling dizzy and generally unwell at this session my GP made it clear that although I had many attempts to lose weight if I don't do so I should expect a shortened life expectancy and also to have type two diabetes.

This was a wake up call that was needed, the doctor had suggested a possible need for weight reduction surgery. I understood this could take quite a while through the NHS, as such I researched how I could have surgery on a self pay basis.

On July 23 I met with Prof Senapati at the Alexandra Hospital and after consultation agreed that the best course would be a sleeve gastrectomy.

The surgery was booked for September 13, 2016. My start weight on the day of my liver reduction diet with 162.6 KG.

I was fortunate that a lot of my weight gain was lack of eating, so going on the reduction diet and the possibility of the unknown post my operation I was less concerned about the volume, But more concerned of how it would affect in the long term due to the non-reversible nature of this procedure.

So I had my operation which was a success and I was able to go home the following day. I was off work for 3 1/2 weeks but responded very well to the procedure I had very few issues and the support from the nursing team at the Alex was very good throughout. Other than my daily vitamin and my two times a year B1, I came off all the meds after just three weeks.

I have found the portion control easy to manage and I can eat most types of foods although I now point towards the more healthy,  the only two things I struggle with  is red-meat principally beef and red wine previous to the procedure two of my favourite things however I've now found fish and Guinness.

Through the process I set myself some non-surgical-goals, something I picked up from a forum, these included new clothes, being able to sit in a normal airline seat, going on a rollercoaster with my children and generally feeling healthier. All of these have been achieved and more !!! Most importantly the response from people about the change of my appearance has been overwhelming. I look and feel 10 years younger. I don't recognise the person from last July, please find attached before and after photographs.

Today at the time of writing I am 119 kg and feel amazing my recent blood test results have shown that I reversed a lot, if not all, of the damage that was caused previous.

I have a personal target of 105 KG something I hope to achieve before the anniversary of my operation. One area I need to be more focused on is my exercise so I can build muscle back.

I will in the next coming months see if I will need skin removal surgery and also may need some advice with regard to my knees as they seem to have been affected post weight loss but I'm not worried about either of these as it is part of the process.

So overall did I do the right thing? 100% yes !
The decision to have my sleeve is the best decision I've ever made and no doubt has change my life not temporarily but forever.

Prof Senapati and the nursing team at the Alex have been excellent throughout and are highly recommended!

Anthony sheridan