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Gastric Sleeve

  • One of the Most Positive Decisions of my Life

    Just over a year ago I undertook bariatric surgery which has resulted in a significant weight loss.

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  • Feeling fantastic and healthier

    I was so depressed at the beginning of my journey. The scales had crept to 15 stone. I knew something had to be done to help me. I struggled with losing weight for so many years due to health reasons and not being able to exercise. This was 4 months ago and it is honestly the best decision I have ever made. I am 3 stone lighter and am already feeling fantastic and much healthier. This has given me a whole new life and I now look forward to my future. I still have 3 stone to lose but I know I will get there soon and best of all keep the weight off. I couldn’t recommend this surgery anymore! 

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  • I am so glad I chose Prof. Senapati for my treatment

    I have lost 6 stones in weight since I had gastric sleeve surgery in April 2017, and my health is so much better and I have more energy compared to before I had it done. My blood pressure and hba1c is back within normal range, and one of my medications has now been reduced. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and my monthly cycle has finally returned after not having for quite a long time!

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  • He has changed my whole life and I've seen results that I didn't think I'd ever see

    I had a gastric sleeve done in may 2017 by Professor Senapati. I cannot thank him enough! I am now 7 stones lighter and feel amazing.

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  • Best decision I have ever made in my life

    I met with my GP early July 2016. I was feeling dizzy and generally unwell at this session my GP made it clear that although I had many attempts to lose weight if I don't do so I should expect a shortened life expectancy and also to have type two diabetes.

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  • Sleeve Gastrectomy changed my tastebuds

    Although anxious prior to my operation I must say how well and how easy my sleeve gastrectomy went. My only problem was that I woke up with a severe headache, which was sorted promptly. I’ve been amazed at just how my taste buds have changed for the better following my sleeve gastrectomy. I have lost modest amount of my excess weight, as I wanted to. Without doubt I eat healthier and 18months later I still feel that way.

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  • Sleeve Gastrectomy cured my illnesses and made healthy and active

    I've struggled with my weight from childhood, and it seems as though most of my life has revolved around dieting. Before surgery I tried all different types of diets, but my willpower wouldn't last long and I was soon back to my old unhealthy eating habits . I tried diet pills, weight loss counselling and hypnotism only for them all to be unsuccessful.

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  • Gastric Sleeve cured my Sleep Apnoea and make me fit, energetic. I feel fantastic.

    On 6th February I had my Gastric Sleeve operation, I’d thought long and hard about it for many years and I’d watched all the TV programmes about weight loss and Gastric surgery.

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  • Gastric Sleeve cured my depression and gave me positive image and confidence

    Previous to my bariatric surgery performed by Prof Siba Senapati I was dress size 22 but am now 16-18 having lost approximately 5st in weight.All my measurements are less and I am very pleased with the results.Before the operation I felt depressed and self conscious about how I looked but now I can feel more positive about myself.I now receive lots of compliments about my appearance. I recovered well from the operation and continue to loose weight. I am 2yrs post op and know I made the right decision by choosing ProfSenapati.

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  • Gastric sleeve cured my Diabetes and made me fitter and active

    I'm 32, in October 2015 I underwent gastric sleeve surgery performed by Prof Senapati. Before the surgery I was 31st and suffered with back and joint pains. So I couldn't walk more than 20ft without being tired and suffering from severe pain. Following my consultation with Prof Senapati I was also found to have poorly controlled Diabetes and high cholesterol.

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