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Gastric Sleeve cured my Sleep Apnoea and make me fit, energetic. I feel fantastic.


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On 6th February I had my Gastric Sleeve operation, I’d thought long and hard about it for many years and I’d watched all the TV programmes about weight loss and Gastric surgery.

I made an appointment to see the dietician and discuss the operation and what would happen afterwards with my eating, whilst at that appointment I was told the Surgeon was there and would l like to speak with him, I immediately said yes.

Prof Senapati made me feel welcome and comfortable, we discussed 3 options Gastric Band to which I said no to straight away, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass, the best one for me was the Gastric Sleeve, so I chose to have that, the operation was booked for the week after.

At that moment I felt very motivated that at last I had addressed my weight and made a positive step towards a new me. I went on the liver diet to reduce the size of my liver to make the area easier for the operation.

The day of my operation arrived I felt a little apprehensive but not overly so.

I was wheeled down to the operating theatre and was given the anaesthetic and that was the last I saw of my old body, after the operation I was told to drink small sips of water, I felt fantastic the rest of my life was about to begin for the better, I spent 2 days in hospital and the dietician advised me on what I should and should not do.

Anyone who is struggling with weight issues I would highly recommend the Gastric Sleeve it’s fantastic. My weight previously at my highest had been 18st 7lb and my weight now is 12st and I feel fantastic, gone has the Sleep Apnoea mask, I have more energy and feel very fit.