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Sleeve Gastrectomy cured my illnesses and made healthy and active


Sleeve Gastrectomy cured my illnesses and made healthy and active

My size at surgery was a size 32 and I am now a size 18-20.

I've struggled with my weight from childhood, and it seems as though most of my life has revolved around dieting. Before surgery I tried all different types of diets, but my willpower wouldn't last long and I was soon back to my old unhealthy eating habits . I tried diet pills, weight loss counselling and hypnotism only for them all to be unsuccessful.

The heavier I was became the unhappier I became and I avoided going out in public as I felt so self-conscious of my size. My health was suffering, I had high blood pressure, aching joints, was constantly tired and could barely walk a few yards without becoming breathless. After desperately exhausting all methods of trying to lose weight and them all being unsuccessful I felt as though weight loss surgery was the only option I had left.

Reaching this conclusion I started to research weight loss surgery and surgeons and came across Prof Senapati. I felt as though I would be in the safest of hands with Prof Senapati with him having many years of experience as a leading bariatric surgeon for the North West, and so booked a consultation. During my consultation with Prof Senapati all procedures were explained to me in detail and I decided that the Gastric Sleeve would be the best option.

Today, I am now 11 months post op, the surgery was a success and I have lost just over 6 stone. All of my physical ailments have disappeared, I can now exercise whereas before my sleeve walking was a challenge. Having the sleeve was one of the best decisions I've made in my life . My life is no longer revolved around food and dieting. I'm reassured that I'm 'sleeved' for the rest of my life as I can never go back to my old ways and I never want to I'm so much healthier and happier and am still progressing on my weight loss journey.

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