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Twelve months on I am now just under 9 stone and enjoying my new body

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After Picture

All my life I have struggled with the type of food and my weight. Previously I have managed quite successfully in losing and maintaining my weight, this was until I had a hysterectomy to which the weight piled on. Even when I seemed to be trying to control this it still happened (most of you will understand). After searching the internet about weight loss surgery from which I hoped was going to be the answer to all my issues around food, it became a quick decision to find out more. The result of this was that I probably made one of the most important decisions of my life. I made an appointment to see the weight specialist surgeon Prof Senapati with regard to having weight loss surgery.

I knew it was indeed very important for me to explain and express my weight gain issues to the surgeon this is because everyone is different and I understood that each person would be advised on the best procedure for them. My advice to anyone considering such a move would be to be open-minded and honest during the discussions with the team.

At this point my weight was tipping 15 stone, I needed something urgently and fool proof drastic you may think, but that something was going to be the gastric sleeve. Other options were discussed at length but in the end a gastric sleeve was the preferred one advised to me personally by Prof Senapati. Again most people would probably say that having such an op is very drastic. My answer to them would be that should you have lived my life so then you too would be looking to change the future. I have always been a big girl, energetic but a healthy person but here I knew that my future was not going to change without the gastric sleeve operation.

My op went really well, no issues at all as I had professional high standard care by Prof Senapati and his team; I did what I was advised to do and kept to it strictly. I introduced foods at the appropriate time and upped my exercise level.

Twelve months on I am now just under 9 stone and enjoying my new body, for me it’s been a blessing full thumbs up from me. I still watch the type of foods ensuring its good nutritious foods but enjoy on occasion naughty’s it has helped me with portion sizing of my foods allowing me to maintain my new look.

This is a new me signing off and I hope in some way it this short appraisal will help future decision makers make the right choice.